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Code Encrypt And Decrypt In Vb6

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Allows you to encrypt and decrypt strings using PHP. You supply a password and string to encrypt or decrypt the message. Can be cracked, so it shouldn't be used for things requiring good security.
November 26th 2005 Free     
Ruby Encrypt/Decrypt
Your pass is what is used to encrypt/decrypt.
January 14th 2012 Free  2.5 stars  
Encrypting A String
The main purpose of these functions are to encrypt and decrypt a string (or change the string from one "language" into another). The code is simple, but it provides a simple solution to a well-known encryption scheme. As a recommendation, ...
April 4th 2012 Free     
Virtual Encrypter/decryp ter
This program will help you to secure your private email or other documents by allowing you to encrypt it with your own key. Simply encrypt, send the encrypted message, and then decrypt using the same utility and key.
November 21st 2005 Commercial     
Post Encryption And Decryption
Post Encryption And Decryption is an plugin designed to help you quickly encrypt or decrypt all posts of specific category or tag. Install : 1. Upload to your plugins folder, usually wp-content/plugins/ and unzip the file, it will create a ...
January 12th 2013 Free  2.5 stars 10k
FathCrypt is an ActiveX control and COM component you can use to encrypt your sensitive data with state-of-the-art 256-bit AES (Rijndael) encryption.It has method to encrypt/decrypt strings or files. You can even encrypt/decrypt files from/to memory. Features: - 256-bit AES ...
May 2nd 2012 Free     
You can increase and enhance the security measures of your website and its content from hackers and frauds by encrypting the files. This multiplatform script can also be used as a stand alone application from your desktop to encrypt and ...
December 8th 2005 Free     
A program to encrypt and decrypt strings. Has been (and still is) fun for me to write, and somewhat challenging, as i'm just a beginner to Ruby. Easy to implement in programs and there might even be someone out there ...
December 27th 2012 Free    10k
XOR en/de-cryptor
This script will enable you to encrypt and decrypt strings with XOR. It will use numbers(the same length as the inserter word) as the key to decrypt.
May 27th 2012 Free     
Image Enigma
It was modeled after the World War II German encryption algorithm, Enigma.The program also generates the rotors for use and encrypts/decrypts plain text.
March 15th 2012 Free     
GenSQL for VB6
A set of "builder" classes used to generate SQL code from VB6. The framework is intended to produce a set of alternative implementations for different RDBMS, so that you can migrate to a different DB engine WITHOUT changing your code.
April 24th 2013 Free  2.5 stars  
Free Encryption Software
Free Encryption Software gives you the protective methods to secure your text content of any size. A simple user interface form is provided where you can input the entire text body to encrypt it with a key option and you ...
December 17th 2005 Free     
Encrypt and email credit card orders with PHP & GPG
Encrypt and email credit card orders with PHP & GPG is an ultimate PHP tutorial designed for e-commerce programmers to encrypt and decrypt credit cards. Using this tutorial users can implement a risk reduction strategy on the security of the ...
December 11th 2005 Free  2.5 stars  
File Incryption - Decryption
A tools that developed under .NET Framwork using C# 2008 to encrypt and decrypt patch of files with any type.
March 15th 2013 Free     
libpdfx PDF C++ ( & VB6 ) Developers Library
C++ & VB 6 developers can use libpdfx.dll to create WindowsO based applications. Full source code for the libpdf.dll is provided along with VB6 functionbindings and example C++ and VB6 source code.Over 30 functions for creating and laying out PDF ...
November 24th 2005 Commercial     
DevSolutions Crypt
DevSolutionsCrypt library is a powerful and easy to use cryptographic ActiveX and DLL component for Windows developers that allows applications to encrypt/decrypt data or files using the latest industry standard strong encryption algorithms. It can be used to encrypt/decrypt strings,memory ...
November 28th 2005 Commercial     
Overview of Changes from VB6 to VB.NET
Overview of Changes from VB6 to VB.NET is an article which compares the VB6 and VB.NET and lists you some of the difference between them. In this article the author shows you the changes that exist in data types, variable ...
November 23rd 2005 Free  2.5 stars  
This is a program that helps the users to encrypt a string with symmetric key using cast- 128 algorithm and elliptic curve. This program encryptes password or keywords. The strings are encoded with base64 after the encryption process completes. Any ...
December 1st 2005 Commercial  2.5 stars  
Visual Basic utilities
Utilities and source code libraries written in Visual Basic Classic (VB6). Currently: a source code analyzer; an app to copy templates/date-time stamp to clipboard or manipulate VB6/SQL code in the clipboard; & an ODBC/ADO SQL query template application.
May 13th 2013 Free  2.5 stars 2,958k
A very simple Perl module with subroutines to encrypt and decrypt strings with the Rot13 algorithim. Rot13 rotates characters 13 letters forward in the alphabet.
December 20th 2005 Free  2.5 stars  
Scripts Encryptor (ScrEnc)
ScrEnc provides tools to encrypt your JavaScript/JScript, C/C++/MFC scripts before posting them online, or for distribution, preserving full functionality of those but making them very hard to read. ScrEnc can also decrypt previously encrypted scripts into fully readable source code ...
December 20th 2005 Commercial     
Cryptographic Text Converter
TextConverter is a graphical text editor allowing the user to encrypt/decrypt the textual contents displayed on the screen using a 128-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) cipher.
April 7th 2013 Free    327k
Simple Encryption (XOR)
This is a very simple encryption code using XOR.There are included three methods of encryption. The first is a user password which the user enters and the same password must be entered in to decrypt. You have the option to ...
May 3rd 2012 Free  3.5 stars  
pIPC is an ActiveX Dll that is used to enable Inter-Process Communication between VB Application. It is coded using VB6.0. It can be deploy to any Win32 OS which has VB6.0 Runtime Library.
April 3rd 2013 Free    7k
jPDF Tweak
A Swiss Army Knife GUI application for PDF documents: combine, split, rotate, reorder (n-up, booklet), watermark, edit bookmarks/fileinfo/pagetransition, compress, encrypt, decrypt, sign, repair, edit attachments and more.
May 17th 2013 Free    783k
Rc4crypt is a multi-platform compatible symmetric encryption/decryption algorithm, i.e. the same key can encrypt data, as well as decrypt it. PHP lacks RC4 support even through the libmycrypt module, since RC4 is unavailable in recent versions.
November 21st 2005 Free     
AC Protect Standard
This utility is used for avoiding hackers from cracking your software using special techniques called anti crack. It works with all windows platforms. Some features of this tool are, this tool compresses ocx, scr, exe, dll and more, dynamic encrypt ...
December 18th 2005 Free  2.5 stars  
Arcanum Editor
The Arcanum Editor is a small but powerful tool to encrypt and decrypt messages. The program also comes with it's own format CTXT. This format is based on XML and allows you to save texts with the Advanced Encryption Standard.
May 8th 2013 Free    150k
General frequently used java utilities like - Finding class base path - Runtime changing class path - Prettification functions - Stop watch - XML operations - encrypt/decrypt functions
August 7th 2013 Free     
Advanced HTML Encrypt and Password Protect
Advanced HTML Encrypt and Password Protect allows you to encrypt HTML pages with strong encryption algorithms and protect them with a password. The program will prevent anyone from viewing the source code or stealing your art work.
December 4th 2005 Commercial  2.5 stars  
Related Code
Encrypt/Decrypt script
This is my first time posting to the ASP section here at PSC. I just wrote this for a requirement on one of my projects and thought I would share. I did look and see there are already other Encryption ...
February 27th 2007     1k
A simple encryption
This is a siple encrypt/decrypt code. Please vote.
October 8th 2015     4k
Encrypt and decrypt data with 256 bits.
Encrypt and decrypt data with 256 bits.
August 6th 2006     29k
Transposition Cipher Full
This program let you use Transposition Cipher Encrypt and Transposition Cipher Decrypt from this same program. <<<Transposition Cipher Encrypter>>> This program encrypts a message using TRANSPOSITION CIPHER. The program uses a key, provided by the user to encrypt the message. ...
November 5th 2009     13k
Neat Encrypt/Decrypt Functions
Encode and Decode a string using an encryption key. Comments included inside the source codes.
September 22nd 2012     1k
Related Software
imED - simaple encrypt and decrypt tool
imED is a simaple encrypt and decrypt tool.<br />support some cipher algorithms:<br />1.AES<br />2.DES, Triple DES<br />3.Rabbit<br />4.RC4, RC4Drop<br /><br />
August 14th 2013      
Point64's Encrypter / Decrypter
Background: Symmetric algorithms are algorithms that require the sender and receiver agree on a key before communicating securely. Symmetric algorithm security rests in the key. Divulging the key means that anyone could encrypt and decrypt messages. As long as the ...
May 19th 2013     10k
Stars and Galaxies in 3D
Real stars and galaxies in 3D and full color. Move and look in any direction. Easy to use with keyboard shortcuts and presets. 9,000 stars (all visible stars, plus lots of nearby dim stars) and 2,400 galaxies. Displays known planetary ...
April 15th 2002   5 stars 1k
PDF Security ActiveX
Encrypt and decrypt PDF files; Supports PDF user password and owner password protection; Password protect opening of the PDF document; Disable printing of the PDF document; Disable copying of text/graphics; Disable modifications to PDF the document; Password protection for PDF ...
July 5th 2005     2,057k
Code Editor And Sharer
Code Editor And Sharer is a unique program that will help you program and share your code with others, the thing that makes this program stand out from other programming tools is that its not only a powerful programming and ...
April 24th 2013     4,167k
DBF Commander Professional
DBF Commander Professional is a powerful and easy-to-use MDI (Multi Document Interface) application for Windows to work with DBF files - dBase, FoxPro and other formats with supporting of all of the code pages. Besides of common operations with DBF ...
February 24th 2013     5,222k
AutoKrypt for Mac OS X
AutoKrypt is an encryption software designed for automation that will automatically encrypt or decrypt files and folders. AutoKrypt's encryption methods include password based, public and private key, secret key, OpenPGP password, OpenPGP public and private key. Improve your productivity and ...
February 6th 2013     24,576k
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